Chris Solomon

My lab studies the food web and ecosystem dynamics of lakes and other aquatic ecosystems. We are broadly interested in how these systems function, and how we can manage and conserve them.

Because the most interesting and important questions in ecology are often complex, we emphasize a collaborative research environment, and use a variety of techniques including observational studies across space and time, manipulative experiments in the lab or at the whole-ecosystem level, and statistical and simulation modeling.

For more details on our current research projects, visit the research page.

Solomon Research

Dr. Chris Solomon
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Natural Resource Sciences
McGill University

21,111 Lakeshore Rd.
Ste. Anne de Bellevue, QC
H9X 3V9 Canada

Tel: 514-398-7732
Twitter: @CT_Solomon

Office: MS3-043
Macdonald Stewart Building

News & Views

The Solomon Lab Goes Ice Fishing

This Friday afternoon, the Solomon Lab went ice fishing on […]

McGill just posted some great photos of our field team working at Grand Lac St. François, part of a collaboration with a local community organization to understand the effects of water drawdown on lake ecosystems

Check out the photos here: […]
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